Hey.I got Flash Player To WOrk On our Galaxy y(maybe working on other armv6,not tried,but guaranteed to work).It Works Brilliantly without lags.It even works on all browsers and on all apps.You Can play games from swf file player too.Just Do as The Steps Follow.
*Your Device Must Be Rooted To Use This!!!!.You Need to change the permissions of libs,files and folders after every boot.Fix Coming for it soon!!
Works Only In Repencis v3.5!!!

1. copy the adobe flashplayer & lib.zip to ur sd card or extract the lib.zip in your pc then copy to ur sdcard
2. then install the Adobe_Flash_Player_11.1.111.9.apk
3. after installing go to ur root browser whenever u prepare (i prepared rootexplorer)
3. go to data/data/then go to com.adobe.flashplayer
4. open the folder com.adobe.flashplayer then delete the existing lib folder
5. after deleting replace it with the one i attach
6. after replacing go again to data/data/com.adobe.flashplayer/lib
7. then there are 4 Files:

8.Set All 4's Permission to as follow:

10. then set the permission of lib folder to

11. then last set the permissino of com.adobe.flashplayer folder to

12.MOST IMPORTANT:After DOing all steps,close root explorer,and open stock browser or any browser.And Now you have got fully working Adobe Flash 11.1.Enjoy!You can play videos from facebook or anyother site too.

[COLOR="rgb(255, 140, 0)"]Notes:[/COLOR]
1)you need to set permissions everytime you reboot.Fix Coming Soon!
2)Sometimes You Browser Will FC.No worries.Clear Ram And Use it again(recommended:Swap to increase Virtual RAM).
3)Do Not Update!
Press Thanks If I helped You.Your Thank Will be A part of your contribution to Motivate Me!
For Any Questions,PM Me Or Comment your Question!
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