Saturday, 3 March 2012

Adobe Flash player 11 for samsung galaxy y s5360

Adobe Flash player 11 for samsung galaxy y s5360  or armv6 free download

Adobe Flash player 11 for samsung galaxy y s5360 or armv6 android devices  free download

How to install Adobe Flash player 11 and play flash file on samsung galaxy y or any armv6 based android phone successfully while browsing web that contains flash files. As till now Adobe flash player is not supported by this devices officially. So here is a simple way to run flash file while browsing web on samsung galaxy y s5360 or armv6 android devices. Bring the full web to your device with Flash Player- videos, games, apps & more. Adobe Flash Player enables a complete web browsing experience by enabling access to your favorite interactive content.
Simply follow the steps below: 

  • Step one first of all you will have to install UC Browser on samsung galaxy y or armv6 android devices to download UC BROWSER click on this link Download UC BROWSER free as no other browser is till now supported.
  • As now you have installed uc browser now you have to download adobe flash player from this link DOWNLOAD ADOBE FLASH PLAYER 11 FOR GALAXY Y or armV6
  • Now place this on your sd card  and install it. Now run your uc browser and enjoy your favorite interactive content of web on galaxy y or any armv6 android phone
  • You can also check the version of flash player installed by searching "what's my flash version" in Google and follow appropriate link.


  1. This is misleading ...Actually UC browser itself not compatiable wiht Galaxy Y and POP...

    Sorry buddy...

  2. Hi to the visitor of this blog actually he has totally copied this blog from Nandtech All about Tech which is my blog and now when he does not know how to use it complaining against his own post. Tell him to remove this post an all other that he had copied and to the author of this blog remove the post that you have totally copied and use your own words and pic to describe about your post.

  3. u can run flash player on galaxy y or pop or fit or ace.....but not this..v10.3 it clearly works on my galaxy pop without any lags

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