Friday, 2 March 2012

GALAX POP NEW UPDATE ROM>EmanoN v5 For Galaxy Mini/Pop/Next GT-S5570 Smartphone.

UPDATE!! Fixed Volume as well as contacts and Dialer Force Close. 

The long awaited emanoN v5 custom rom for Samsung Galaxy Pop/Mini GT-S5570 smartphone is out and is now available for download. A few days ago, I posted some screenshots of emanoN v5 rom and was amazed to see that people were going crazy to get this rom on their device. Apart from the fact that this rom is simply awesome having many custom features and tweaks along with stock User Interface and apperance, this custom rom now seems to be one of the favorite of many galaxy mini/pop/next users. I doubt this rom would be as  famous as Cyanogen Mod if it had support for wide range of devices. But, since the developer, parasmi, is working on this rom alone he can't make it available for other android smartphones out there.

But, those who own a galaxy pop/mini gt-s5570 smartphone can continue reading to find out  more about the changes in latest version of emanoN custom rom as well as for step by step instructions on installing this latest emanon v5 custom rom on your android smartphone. Below is a short change-log to help you know what's changed since the previous emanoN v4 rom.
emanoN v5 for GT-S5570 smartphone.
  • Latest Android 2.3.6 European Firmware (S5570XWKTH)
  • Changes into Kernel :
    • zram replaced ramzswap
    • Undervolt (optional)
    • Added SFB, zcache, cgroups, autogroup and cleancache.
    • Ext4 updates and tweaks.
    • Enabled 825mhz frequency, smartassv2 as default governor, and 122mhz as default minimum frequency.
    • GPU tweaks and many other changes for smooth performance.
  • Apps
    • The usual update to current version including Maps 6.3.0 
    • Added emanoN Parts (For non-stock settings and utilities)
    • Removed Spare Parts and Quick Panel Settings (functions available in emanoN Parts) 
    • Samsung Galaxy S Touch-wiz Launcher.
    • Removed stock screen capture and Samsung software update.
    • Enabled power key to take pictures in Camera.
  • Disabled scrolling cache.
  • Additional volume steps for precise volume control.
  • Implementation of swipe to clear notifications.
  • Added WiFi tether option in status bar toggle.
  • Flip to mute phone (via emanoN parts) 
  • Enabled native SIP (Settings -->> Call settings).
  • Cyanogen Mod 7 Lock-screens and Lockscreen options.
  • Supercharger RAM management values.
  • Disabled compcache by default to prevent lags (will be automatically enabled if you switch to stock RAM management values)
  • Removed journaling on system partition.
  • Cache partition formatted to ext2 (for faster write and gain additional 4MB of space)
  •  More build.prop tweaks.
So, these are the major changes in emanoN version 5 android rom. With these changes added to previous version of emanoN roms this rom is now even smoother and has better performance than ever. Some users who have already tried it out also claim that, "You will not want to look to other roms once you get emanoN v5". But, in contrary there are also negative reactions claiming that contact force close if you go to last entry, volume fluctuation and few others.

Download from this link


That's all. Your device should boot to the home-screen within few minutes after rebooting. If you are stuck at ANDROID logo for a long time then wipe data and cahe as well as dalvik cache in clockwork mod recovery. Or, if you are having continuous boot loops after flashing the rom then you will need to flash emanoN rom again following the procedure above.

And, once your galaxy pop/mini/next gt-s5570 smartphone boots fine, you are now ready to check out this latest emanoN v5 rom. Take your time and explorer through the rom for a while. Don't forget to check out the whole new emanoN Parts in settings that has many options for customizations and tweaks. And, when you are done with the exploration, take few minutes to share your views about this emanon v5 custom rom with us at the comments form below.

Also, take few seconds and say thanks to the developer, parasmi, at this thread post on xda-developers forum if you like this rom. You can also report any bugs there or at the comments below but before you do so make sure they are not reported already.

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