Saturday, 17 March 2012

Control Your samsung galaxy pop and y an Android Device From Your Browser

Control Your samsung galaxy y an Android Device From Your Browser. If you want to control your Android device right from your computer then AirDroid or Kies air allows you to do all that lke Manage calls, sms, photos, ringtones, etc.

  •   wifi on pc
AirDroid is an application that allows Android users to enjoy an over-the-air experience by allowing them to control and manage their Android devices from a web browser.The app allows pretty much everything. You can transfer files between Android devices and computer. You can read, send, delete or rename SMS’s and even install or uninstall applications. You can do anything from the browser that you would normally do on the phone itself.
Using the tool is very easy. Just install the application and run the app. It will give you an IP address

through which you can navigate and manage your Android device. Just insert that IP address in your browser URL field and you can start controlling your Android device.
Download Airdroid free

Kies air:
Kies air is a application that enables you to easily manage contents saved on your device via PC internet or mobile browser using Wi-Fi technology.
Without having to connect any cables, within a browser you can use diverse function such as multimedia transfer, music listening, PIMS management, text message, file search, and so on.

Access from another mobile device (i.e. mobile B accesses mobile A);
  • Connect both mobile devices (A and B) to the same Access Point (Wi-Fi router).
  • Launch Kies Air and press "Start" button on your mobile device (mobile A).
  • Launch Kies Air and Shake the mobile B twice. This will start a scan for mobile A.
  • Allow the access request on the original mobile device (mobile A
  • In the case of Kies air not installed on another device (mobile B): Access with typing URL displayed by Kies air (on mobile A) in the browser on another mobile device (mobile B).
  • In the case of "Motion" feature not supported on another device (mobile B): Access with "Scan" button on the menu.
Access from PC/laptop;
  • Connect mobile device and PC to the same Access Point (Wi-Fi router).
  • Launch Kies Air and press "Start" button on mobile device.
  • Type URL displayed Kies air in the browser on PC. 
  • Allow the access request on my mobile device.
  • Allow to create icon after accessing Kies air.
  • After creating desktop icon, you can access Kies air without typing URL using desktop icon
Download kies air free.

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