Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Control your phone samsung galaxy y/Pop without touching it

Control your samsung galaxy y without touching it with the help of gesture.

As samsung galaxy y comes with PROXIMITY SENSORS so it is possible to control certain aspects of your phone with gesture with help of application called prox pro. You can launch different applications, expand and contract your status bar, and even silence your phone, etc. without touching your phone. you can use different load outs such as default, or time based You can switch your load outs and do completely different actions. The application uses the proximity sensor and accelerometer on your phone to do certain actions. Prox become inactive during call so no need to worry about face gesturing. Your proximity sensor will behave normally during a call.
" In order to enable turning off the screen, Prox needs administrative permission You can still use Prox without this feature if it makes you uncomfortable to grant these permissions. To enable, go to settings and click enable admin. NOTE: IN ORDER TO UNINSTALL, ADMIN PERMISSION MUST BE DISABLED BEFORE DOING SO, OR PROX WILL NOT UNINSTALL!!!"
Click here to download prox pro

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