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Notification Toggle

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ID: 964341   I'm proud to present my new app: Notification Toggle.

With this app, you can place different toggles into your Android status/notification bar for quick access without having a dozen toggle-widgets on your homescreens

You can choose which toggles to display in the settings of the app. You can also choose to combine different toggles into one "all in one" notification.
Unfortunately, on most devices you can only define one action per notification, so on these it will show a small dialog with the available toggles when clicking on the "all in one" notification. But some devices (seems like all devices with HTC Sense ROM) can distinguish where in the notification you clicked and on these you don't have to see the dialog.

The app is for free in the Android market, would be nice to get some feedback

Market-Link | AppBrain

Some notes:
  • not every toggle will work on every device: especially the flashlight functionallity is very erratic and every manufacturer implemented it somehow different. you should install TeslaLED in addition to notification toggle
  • some settings aren't changeable by user apps, so it will bring you directly to the android settings
  • "all in one" toggle might display a dialog to choose the setting to toggle. if this happens then your device doesn't support notification with more than one click-events - it seems like only devices with a HTC ROM or on ICS can do that

- All in One FOR EVERYBODY! Now works even on Android 2.1!
- removed all single notifications
- direct GPS toggle on rooted devices even on Android 2.3+
- added option to collapse notification bar on every toggle click (Android 3.0+)
- dramatically reduced memory consumption when using accessibitliy service
- minor bugfixes & performance improvements
- battery icon now shows percentage
Some nice icons:
Beta release:

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