Tuesday, 5 February 2013

official [ROM][4.2.1][04/02]Slim Bean - I9100 [RC2]

Important Notes:

  • NO ETA's...
  • Fully compiled from AOSP source ( source.android.com) with our mods.
  • Read the Change-log and installation instructions from the official website carefully.
  • Feature requests will be ignored in general, but we will review ( if a relevant commit or source is provided) and then decide.
  • Strictly NO ports based on our ROM zip (official or unofficial build) file, manifest.xml will be updated regularly and feel free to compile from source.

Check out our feature list here

Find our latest Change-log go here

For installation instructions please go here
Please keep in mind if a special instruction is needed it will be noted in the Change-log

Get our latest ROM here.
You can get Slim Gapps and other Addons from here.

Check out our FAQ before posting!
Keeps more common questions answered in one place!

Bug list
For a list of confirmed bugs look here

You can find the full list of credits here

Please visit here for the source code.

No idea what a logcat is or how to get it? Go to-->Logcats by paxChristos<--

If you like my work or I've helped you out and you'd like to show your appreciation... click the thanks button and/or buy me a beer! 
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